ALI Student Enters Graduate School

Mouna Ben GargaMouna Ben Garga came to the ALI to learn English and entered the Pre-MBA program in hopes of attending an American graduate school. After graduating from the ALI, she applied to the George Mason University master’s program in international commerce and policy. Ben Garga was accepted into the master’s program and she will begin studying in the fall of 2012.

Mouna chose GMU’s program in international commerce and policy for three reasons. In her view, “They offer a unique program that regroups two important fields – economy and policy. It also prepares you to understand and analyze the international context of them. In addition, the program is very challenging and attractive. Having the chance to understand what’s beyond the big titles was the main reason I applied for this master’s program.”

Once Ben Garga completes her master’s program, she has big dreams ahead of her. “I hope to find a job at the World Bank or the World Trade Organization. I am planning to conduct research in the area of policy making in North Africa and the Middle East. After that, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in global policy.”

Ben Garga is thankful of what the ALI has given her. She credits the ALI and especially the Pre-MBA advisors in helping her get into George Mason University. “The application process was very long and stressful and as an international student, I was missing a lot of points. However, because of the advising at ALI, I became more calm and confident about my application.” The advising and her dedication paid off because she finally gets to start the next chapter of her life; earning her master’s degree at an American University.

For future students who also want to eventually attend an American graduate school, Ben Garga has one piece of advice, “Be open to new opportunities and give it your best. That is what studying at the ALI meant to me.”