ALI Instructor Profile – Elizabeth Osmun – EAP

Elizabeth OsmunElizabeth Osmun has lived quite a fulfilling life. She earned her bachelor’s in education (with a minor in dance) from Boston University. After college, she became a ballroom dancer, and then moved to New York, where she worked as a paralegal, produced a CD, and even ran her own talk show for over ten years.

After 20 years in New York, she decided to make a change and moved to San Diego. Since she was a credentialed teacher and wanted to make a career change, she enrolled in ALI’s TESL/TEFL Certificate program and found a new passion. “I graduated from the program and at the time, an instructor was leaving. The program’s director gave me a recommendation and I started facilitating at the ALI.”

Facilitating classes soon turned into full-time teaching for Osmun, she now teaches EAP classes, and says she couldn’t have made a better choice. In her opinion, “It’s absolutely wonderful because it’s very rewarding. The students here are incredible, and I love coming to work every day and teaching because I think they are fabulous.”

Osmun has also grown with the ALI, “It’s a very positive environment. To me, the ALI is always growing in a positive direction. We are always trying to improve our programs to make them better for students, and I’ve seen that and I have been part of that process.”

A favorite moment for Osmun is when her students conduct interviews with students on the SDSU campus. She mentions that often previous ALI students become SDSU students and are interviewed by new ALI students. “It’s just an incredible moment to have them talk to my students about what to do to transition to main campus. It’s very rewarding to see that learning process, that’s a nice moment to see that happen,” she says.

Osmun believes she fit into the perfect environment – she feels that the ALI instructors are “top notch” and has learned just as much from her students as they have from her. “Being around students from other countries just satisfies that need for me. I get to experience how they learn and they always share things with me,” she says.