International Business English (IBE)

International Business English (IBE) StudentsThe International Business English (IBE) certificate program is designed for students with high-intermediate to advanced English language proficiency and a high level of commitment.

“What we strive to do is to offer a business option to international students at all levels – equal opportunities for differing levels of business experience. We are not just teaching business English skills – we offer the seriousness of global business and the interaction of a communicative program,” says IBE Assistant Director Kelly Shah.

These certificate courses are for students and professionals interested in learning more about American business practices as they relate to business around the world. Participants have the opportunity to follow either of two business tracks depending on their length of stay.

Shah adds, “We are reaching out to create opportunities, so our students can have hands-on American business experience through internships, and classroom projects and activities. Students can sit in on SDSU business classes and interact with American business men and women in a social setting. It’s cross-cultural communication, and an exchange of business experience.”

Program Highlights

  • TOEFL not required
  • Interaction with other international business students
  • Interaction with native speakers
  • Excellent faculty
  • Observing university courses
  • Testing and placement
  • Flexible start dates

International Business English Certificate (IBE)
Number of weeks: 6+ summer, 8+ fall or spring
Hours of instruction: 23+ per week
Requirements: Intermediate to advanced English language proficiency
Number of levels: 4
Included: Electives, pronunciation clinics, sports facilities, conversation clubs, language and computer labs, student advising, the SDSU library, academic advising

Core Classes and Electives
In addition to English classes, students enroll in four or more business classes. Choices include: Introduction to Business, Business Discussions, Business Video, Profiles in Business, Oral Presentations, TOEIC Business Idioms, Biz Talk, Business Reading, Talking About Business, Communication in Business, Business Foundations, Multimedia for Business, and Intermediate and Advanced Business Writing. Choices vary by session and placement level.

One or more seminars may be offered during a term. Choices vary by session. Past offerings include: The History of Business in the U.S., Entrepreneurship, American Law, Employment Law, Customer Service, U.S. Stock and Bond Markets, Change Leadership, Management Challenges, Marketing Case Studies, and Trends in Management.

Students are encouraged to assemble a portfolio throughout the program. The portfolio should include option activities and work completed in classes.

Program Electives
Elective courses are offered each semester to further support test-taking skills, to improve language proficiency, and to increase knowledge of U.S. culture. Courses vary by session and placement level.

Popular electives include Business Writing, Biz Talk, Profiles in Business, TOEIC Business Idioms, American Accent Improvement, So-Cal Companies, Tactics for TOEIC, Internet-based TOEFL Preparation, Advanced Grammar, Customized Component.

Customized Component
Students customize their experience by adding one of the following features:

  • Research project
  • Industry interview
  • Journal
  • Pronunciation clinic