Program Spotlight – Intensive English for Communication Summer Session: Discovering California

IEC Summer Session YosemiteThe American Language Institute at SDSU is offering a new Intensive English Communication (IEC) summer session from August 3-Sept. 10 that will have a definite California flavor.

Enhancing the unique curriculum is the fact that classes will take place at a time more conducive to students from such places as Europe, Japan, and Vietnam.

“What we hope to offer with the new time frame is for students whose countries have academic breaks during that time to be able to come to San Diego,” said Van Hillier, senior director and veteran teacher at the ALI.

This session will focus on exploring the diverse culture of California. Students will learn about the historical significance of California, current popular culture, significant tourist destinations, and a survey of unique architectural sites.

“California has been a destination for people with new ideas for a long time; California is a place where innovative ideas can grow,” Hillier said. “Students can come and discover what makes California unique within the United States through exploring the ALI’s new English-language curriculum. They will discover why California has been such an important destination in the past and now.”

The IEC program offers instruction in various levels of English, from beginning to advanced. Each student is given an individual speaking test and written test that assesses his or her level in grammar, reading, writing, and listening. Students are then are placed in an appropriate class for their level.

Students in IEC receive instruction in oral communications classes aimed at improving fluency, listening comprehension, spoken grammar, and pronunciation, as well as developing confidence in spoken English skills for situations such as business, travel, and social interaction.

In addition, there are optional activities for the IEC summer session that involve learning outside the classroom. These include community service projects, weekend trips to various locations in San Diego, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas, plus an adventure to the spectacular Yosemite National Park.

“We’re excited that students will learn about what makes California a compelling destination locally and internationally,” Hillier said.

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