Staff Profile – Bianca Silva – ALI Immigration and Admissions Assistant

Bianca SilvaIt’s only appropriate that Bianca Silva assists students in many capacities through her job at SDSU’s American Language Institute.

A heralded soccer player at Marian Catholic High School, Southwestern College, and San Diego Christian College, her specialty was providing assists on goals to fellow soccer players.

“Team chemistry is No. 1,” Silva said. “That’s what makes teams go far.”

She also played for the FC Bratz club team, which once toured Europe and won two of three tournaments it entered. Even today, she plays adult soccer for teams in North Park.

In addition, Silva has a 9-year-old daughter playing soccer in the club division. Silva is glad that she sees the same passion and skills in her daughter as she had when she was her age. “My life pretty much consists of soccer and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Silva said.

Away from the soccer field, Silva is a history buff and enjoys studying about the 1960s and reading up as much as she can. A history major at San Diego Christian College, she has spent much time interviewing veterans of the Vietnam War. “They have such influential yet sad stories,” she said.

Her first job was on a temporary basis for the ALI, working as a front desk assistant after graduating from college in 2012. She then took a permanent full-time job as an information representative for the City of San Diego’s parking enforcement division.

In 2014, a position opened up at the ALI as the immigration and admissions assistant to Mike Dietz, ALI’s immigration and admissions advisor. Knowing that the ALI was always a great fit for her, Silva immediately jumped on the opportunity. In her position, she answers “millions of questions” from students regarding such issues as visas, admissions, deadlines, ALI policies, etc.

“It’s a blessing to work here,” she said. “The students are happy and excited to join the ALI. This is a working environment where I plan to stay.”

Currently she is working on her master’s degree in human behavior and hopes to be done by 2017. She wants to continue in the school system and maybe one day work for SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

No matter what transpires, it’s certain that the long-time soccer player is getting a kick out of her job.