Business Students: Special Session Classroom Location

EAP Students

Please view the information below for the special session classroom locations:

Special Sessions – Fall 2017
Course Course Title Day Time Classroom
FIN 327 Investments M 10:00am-12:40pm GC 2509A/B
FIN 329 International Business Finance W 10:00am-12:40pm GC 2509A/B
BA 350 Management & Organizational Behavior T 10:00am-12:40pm GC 2509A/B
BA 360 Intro to Operations & SC Management T 1:00-3:40pm GC 2509A/B
BA 370 Marketing M 1:00-3:40pm GC 2509A/B
MGT 352 Human Resource Management T 4:00-6:40pm GC 2509A/B
MGT 357 Multinational Bus & Comp Mgt W 4:00-6:40pm GC 2509A/B
MGT 358 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship W 11:00am-1:40pm ESC 306/308
MGT 460 Business Plan Development T 1:00-3:40pm ESC 306/308
MGT 475 Leadership in Organizations M 4:10-6:50pm GC 2509A/B
MGT 710 Seminar in World Business Environment M 10:00am-12:40pm ESC 306/308
MGT 724 Entrepreneurship T 1:00-3:40pm ESC 206
MKTG 772 (1) Strategic Brand Management M 4:00-6:40pm ESC 113/115
MKTG 772 (2) Strategic Brand Management TH 3:00-5:40pm ESC 112