Spring 2018 Continuing Registration Deadline

Dear EAP and Pre-MBA/Pre-Master’s Students,

Fall semester has had a fantastic start, and it’s time to begin planning for Spring! To continue studying with us at the ALI for our Spring 2018 semester, please review the following information:

You can register to continue with us at this webpage: https://ali.sdsu.edu/pages/ali/application.aspx

  • Deadline to register for Spring 2018 at ALI (any program): Monday, November 20th
  • Deadline to pay for Spring 2018: Monday, December 4th 
  • Last day of Fall 2017: Thursday, December 14th
  • First day of Spring 2018 for EAP and Pre-MBA/Pre-Master’s Students: Monday, January 8th

Please note that all program change requests (e.g. change from EAP to Pre-MBA/Pre-Master’s) must be completed by November 20th. Late requests are not possible. Please also note that if you do not pay the tuition and fees for Spring by December 4th, you will be charged the $250 late fee. 

If your plans change and you cannot continue in Spring even though you’ve registered, you must cancel your registration by completing the withdrawal form in the ALI Office by December 4th. If you cancel after December 4th, there will be a fee. If you do not cancel your registration before the Spring semester begins, you can be dismissed from the ALI.

Please contact Mariko (mtaki@mail.sdsu.edu) or Frank (fherrera@mail.sdsu.edu) if you have any questions about the EAP or Pre-MBA/Pre-Master’s program as you consider continuing at the ALI. We are happy to help you and look forward to having you join us again in Spring!