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EAP ClassFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About EAP Attendance

What is the program attendance requirement?
The program attendance requirement is 80% or higher. Students who drop below 80% may be dismissed from the program, and will not receive a certificate of completion.

I cannot be at ALI when the semester starts/ends because I have to be somewhere else. Is it OK? 
Due to F-1 visa requirements, you must be here on the day the semester begins and until the day the semester ends. If you violate this rule, you can be dismissed from the program even if your attendance is higher than 80%.

How can I find out what my attendance percentage is?
You can check the bulletin board outside of Computer Lab 1530 in the Gateway Building. The list is updated weekly, usually on Tuesday afternoon.

I checked my attendance and I think there is a mistake. What should I do?
You must speak to an advisor within 2 weeks if you think there is a mistake. The advisor will check what class(es) you were marked absent in. You can check with your teacher to correct the mistake. Any reports made after 2 weeks will not be investigated.

I got really sick and had to go to the doctor’s office. My doctor gave me a note. Can I be excused from class?
There are no excused absences at ALI. Absent means not in class. The reason does not matter.

I’ve already missed a lot of class, and I’m worried that I will go below 80%. Will I get any warning?
You should check your attendance on the bulletin board every week. When your attendance drops below 90% we will send you a warning by email. We will try to find you in one of your classes so that we can explain the attendance policy to you and give you a chance to ask questions. Afterwards, you will sign the attendance warning.

I’ve been absent a lot. I think I will go under 80% soon. What will happen?
If your attendance drops below 80%, you may be dismissed from the program. This means that your I-20 will be terminated and you must leave the United States immediately. We will send the dismissal notice by email. You must make sure that ALI has your correct email address. “I didn’t get the email” is not an excuse.