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International Business English (IBE) at SDSU

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IBE StudentsIBE Project Options

Each session, IBE students are required to successfully complete one of the following IBE project options:

  • 1. SDSU Classes: With the permission of the professor and/or dean, students (general level 105 of higher) may observe a SDSU course and submit their class notes weekly.
    Requirement: 4-6 Classes (Depending on Length of Session)
  • 3. Research Paper: Student designs and completes an independent research project on any business topic of interest (ex. Businessperson profile, company profile, industry overview, compare/contrast, etc.)
    Requirement: 10 Pages, Double Spaced
  • 3. Industry Interview: Student arranges, conducts, and reports on a businessperson in an industry of interest (must be a native English speaker).
    Requirement: 3-5 Pages, Double Spaced
  • 4. Journal: Student maintains a record of experiences in the U.S. Journal should include observations, opinions, and impressions. Student is responsible for comparing and contrasting life in his or her home country with living in the U.S. with particular emphasis on the areas of business, law, and politics.
    Requirement: 10 Pages, Double Spaced