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IEC StudentsClass Placement & Schedule Information

Placement in Classes
  • All students are tested when they enter the program to find out their level of English ability. Students are put into General and Oral Communications levels based on their test performances. Their General and Oral levels may be different, depending on their English skills.
  • In some cases a student’s level may be changed during the first two weeks of the session. This will happen if a student’s test scores did not show his or her real English ability. The student’s teachers will decide if a level change is needed.
  • Students who continue into another session will be placed in a higher class the next session if they have good attendance and pass all their classes. Continuing students are placed in their new classes based on their grades and teacher recommendations from the previous session.
Class Schedule Information

Classes for all IEC students meet between the hours of 9 am and 2:45 pm with a break for lunch.

Students in all levels of IEC attend twenty (20) hours a week of the following regular classes:

LEVELS 100-105
A.  8 hours – Oral Communications
B.  3 hours – Grammar
C.  3 hours – Writing
D.  3 hours – Reading
E.  3 hours – Listening

LEVELS 106-107
A.  8 hours – Oral Communications Advanced Seminars
B.  3 hours – Writing
C.  3 hours – Reading
D.  3 hours – Listening
E.  3 hours – Options

In addition, there are other classes and activities that students may choose to do:

  • Elective classes take place Fridays from 9:30 am-12:15 pm.
  • Pronunciation Clinic, Grammar Lab and Homework Help classes meet Monday-Friday after classes.
  • Special activities such as field trips take place after class, on Friday afternoons, and at other free times.