Advising: Pre-MBA and Pre-Master’s Program

Pre-MBA and Pre-Master’s at SDSU

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Pre-MBA/Pre-Masters AdvisingAdvising

Advisors Provide

  • Individual and group advising;
  • Information sessions;
  • Referrals to resources that help students prepare application documents, and develop knowledge and skills for graduate school in the U.S.

How to See a Graduate Advisor

Advising Office Hours
(The advising office is located in the main ALI office)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:15-4:15 pm 12:15-3:30 pm 12:00-4:15pm 12:30-4:00 pm On Call


Additional Assistance at ALI

For questions about…



Program classes and class schedule Frank Herrera, Program Director, Pre-MBA/Pre-Master’s  ALI Office
Applying to graduate school Kristin Miller, Pre-MBA/Pre-Master’s Graduate Advisor ALI Office
Taking SDSU classes and TOEFL Waiver Kristin Miller, Level 106+ Advisor ALI Office
Help with your graduate admission essays (SOP) Stephen Howell, SOP Advisor ALI Office
Immigration, I-20s, visas, to transfer to other schools in the US Mike Dietz or Kim Newcomb
Immigration & Admissions
ALI Office
Housing and student life activities Tuyen Nguyen, Coordinator, Housing and Student Life ALI Office
Court dates, legal problems, traffic tickets, childcare advice, getting a driver’s license, setting up bank accounts, bank problems, and other personal problems Johanna Gleason, ALI Academic Director ALI Office
Accounting Go to the ALI main office and ask for accounting ALI Office
Cultural mission rules, expectations or requirements Please ask your cultural mission
Any other questions Go to the ALI office main desk for information