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Semester at SDSU

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As an American Language Institute/Semester at SDSU student, you are required to arrive in the United States by the program start date on your I-20. There are mandatory events to attend from the program start date through the first day of classes, including Registration and Orientation.

Please visit the “Calendar” page above for a list of all event times.

Program Welcome

This is an introductory meeting for the program. Please bring the following items to your Program Welcome:

  • Passport
  • Document Holder & Pen

Academic Orientation

  • Please bring your RED ID, notebook and a pen
  • Learn about Semester at SDSU policies
  • Learn how to add & drop a class

WebPortal/Blackboard/Cultural Information Session

  • Learn how to access Blackboard & WebPortal
  • Learn how to complete an American Scantron for classes
  • See what a clicker is and where you can purchase one
  • Receive facts about American culture

Campus Tour

Take our free walking tour of the San Diego State University campus.

Coastal City Bus Tour

Take our free bus tour of San Diego beach areas. This is a great introduction to the San Diego landscape.

Aztec Recreation Orientation

Sign-up for your included gym membership and learn about different sports events, activities, and clubs.


General questions regarding SDSU classes and Semester at SDSU policies.

Date and Time – Hours will be posted on the Main Page of the Blog