How to Create Your ALI Login and Make Payments

Please follow the instruction below on how to create your login information and sign in to our student portal. If you already have an account login and need to make a payment, please click the Pay Here button below:

Pay Here


1. Click the hyperlink information as provided in the email.

Step 1. How to Create Your ALI Login and Make Payments

2. Fill in the information needed to complete your login.

Step 2. How to Create Your ALI Login

3. After you click “Create”, you will be able to log in to your student account.

Step 3. How to Create Your ALI Login

4. Once you’re done, you will be using this account to update contact information, andmake payments if needed. Please record any changes to emails and phone numbersthat way you won't miss out on any important messages the ALI will send you. That’s it!You now have a login for the ALI student portal.

Step 4. How to Create Your ALI Login

How to Make a Payment

1. Log in with your password information at the following link:

Step 1. How to Make Payments

2. Next, go to MY ACCOUNT and click PAY BALANCES.

Step 2. How to Make Payments

3. On this page, please select the items you want to pay for. If you want to make apayment amount other than what is listed, please enter the amount.Also, check the “Terms and Conditions” of the Deadline, Refund, Withdrawal Policy atthe bottom of the screen.

Step 3. How to Make Payments

4. When you are ready to make your payment, click MAKE PAYMENT.

Step 4. How to Make Payments

5. On the next page, enter your credit cardinformation and click PROCESS.

Step 5. How to Make Payments

6. Check to see that “APPROVAL” is showing next to “Message”. Click CONTINUE SHOPPING.

Step 6. How to Make Payments

7. The payment is now complete. Thank you

Step 7. How to Make Payments

If you have any questions or need assistance with making payments, please contact the ALI Accounting office at or at (619) 594-5907.