American Family Homestay Application Form

General Description: Living with an American family will give you an opportunity to practice English and learn about American culture. The goal of homestay is not only to provide housing for international students, but also to promote international friendship and understanding. Your host "parent(s)" will greet you at the San Diego airport when you arrive and provide a family environment for you during your stay.

Families usually host 1-3 international students at one time. These students are usually from different countries. Each student will have a private room, unless a shared room is requested. Homestays are usually located less than 30 minutes from campus. Two meals - breakfast and dinner - are provided each day, unless students request to cook their own meals.

Quality of Homes: We have visited every ALI host home to inspect the condition of the house and to interview the family. The homestay hosts are given an orientation covering all of the rules and goals of homestay, and homestay students are invited to attend a housing orientation when they arrive to learn about ways to make their homestay experience happy and successful.

To Apply: Homestay space is limited, so please apply 2-4 months in advance. It is helpful to list your own preferences for the type of homestay that you want on your application.

Paid to the ALI:
Host Finder's Fee: $200 (one-time placement fee, non-refundable)

Paid to Host Family:
Rent for Private Room with Breakfast and Dinner: $900/month; $30/day


  • Opportunity to see how Americans live and to practice your English
  • Airport (San Diego) pickup and drop-off included
  • Includes two meals per day (breakfast foods and a prepared dinner)
  • Sheets and pillow provided
  • Laundry facilities available
  • You have a private room and caring family environment


  • American families are very diverse (with/without children, single, widowed, elderly, young, and from a variety of ethnicities)
  • You must live with the rules and lifestyle set by the family
  • Public transportation via bus or trolley will be required
  • Bathroom will be shared
  • Most families have pets (dogs and/or cats) in the house

Note: The American Language Institute (ALI) provides assistance only to students using our approved homestay service.