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The Pre-MBA and Pre-Master’s program is undergoing a redesign and it is currently not available. The information below will be updated once the redesigned program is ready to launch. If you are interested, we can send you an email once the program is accepting applications. Please send us an email at if you have any questions.


The Pre-MBA and Pre-Master's program is a semester-long program for international students focused on graduate student preparation including GMAT and GRE preparation, assistance with applications to SDSU and other universities, as well as optional TOEFL/IELTS preparation.

Program Highlights

  • TOEFL Waiver
    Students applying to SDSU graduate degree programs may be eligible to receive a TOEFL wavier after completing advanced levels.

  • Test Preparation
    GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS preparation are specifically designed to meet the needs of international students.

  • Simulated GMAT and GRE Practice Exams
    GMAT and GRE test sessions are held during the semester to allow students to strengthen their test-taking skills.

  • Graduate School Application Assistance
    Students receive advising on academic matters, career goals, university selection, and graduate school application preparation.

  • Information Sessions
    Local university representatives visit the ALI to present their programs and admissions requirements to ALI students.

Testing and Placement
The Pre-MBA and Pre-Master's program offers instruction for high-intermediate to advanced levels. Students are given placement tests in key skill areas (listening, reading, and writing) and are placed in classes according to their needs and abilities. At the end of the term, students have the option to test again to measure their progress.

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Pre-MBA and Pre-Master's Program

Number of weeks

12 in summer, 17-18 in spring or fall

Hours of instruction

Up to 25 per week


High-intermediate to advanced level of English, at least 21 years old, or proof of university graduation. A 55 on TOEFL or 5.5 on IELTS guarantees admission to the Pre-MBA and Pre-Master's program.

Number of levels


Dates and Costs

See Calendar & Fees

*Applicants not providing this proof will be admitted to the English for Academic Purposes program and will take the ALI placement test. Testing into level 104 will allow students to enter the Pre-MBA and Pre-Master's program.


  • GMAT and GRE
    Courses specifically designed for international students include all GMAT and GRE sections.

    Classes are available to help students develop specific skills and test-taking strategies.

  • Writing Skills
    Students develop advanced academic, business, and research writing skills.

  • Reading Skills
    Students learn strategies to increase comprehension and effectively manage the large volume of reading material in graduate programs.

  • Communication Skills
    Students develop effective presentation and discussion techniques, and improve speaking and comprehension skills. An additional pronunciation clinic is available for students who want to further improve their pronunciation.

  • Methods of Instruction
    Students learn through a variety of methods including team work, class discussions, and guest presenters to better prepare them for the learning environment in American universities.

  • Seminars and Workshops
    Topics include resume writing, statements of purpose, interview techniques, and more.

  • Popular Electives
    Elective courses are offered each semester to further support test-taking skills, to improve language proficiency, and to increase knowledge of U.S. culture. Courses vary by session.
    Popular electives include:
    • Computerized Grad Test Prep
    • Internet-based TOEFL Prep
    • IELTS Prep
    • Advanced Vocabulary
    • Accent Improvement
    • Speed Reading
    • English Through Dance
    • English Through Sports

Sample Schedule












Elective 1


GRE Verbal Skills

Grad Prep or

GRE Verbal Skills

Grad Prep or

Elective 2









Pronunciation Clinic
The ALI offers students free personalized articulation and accent modification using specialized software, customized lab activities, and teacher-created materials.

Pre-MBA and Pre-Master's Plus
Opportunity to take one or two classes with American students.

  • Open to advanced students who test above Pre-MBA and Pre-Master's level 106.
  • Students work closely with their ALI advisors to choose SDSU classes.
  • Students earn SDSU credit in courses with American students in select departments. Classes are on a space available basis.
  • Official SDSU transcripts and transferable credit are awarded.
  • Additional fees apply on a per-class basis.

Universities where Pre-MBA and Pre-Master's students have obtained their graduate degrees:
Alliant University, Babson College, Case Western Reserve, Claremont (Peter Drucker), Clarke, Columbia, CSU Fullerton, CSU Hayward, CSU Long Beach, CSU San Bernardino, CSU San Marcos, Harvard University, INSEAD, London School of Business, New York University (NYU), Oregon State University, Pace University, Pepperdine, Purdue University, San Francisco State, San Diego State University, Thunderbird, Tulane, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, University of Chicago, University of Colorado, University of Denver, University of Miami, University of Missouri, University of Portland, University of San Diego, and Washington University in St. Louis.