Semester at SDSU program

The American Language Institute at San Diego State University offers international students an opportunity to study abroad at an American university for one or two semesters. Credits earned through the Semester at SDSU program will be listed on an official SDSU transcript and may be transferable to other universities.

Study Abroad Program Highlights

  • Variety of Classes
    SDSU offers more than 3,000 class sections each semester in more than 80 different academic fields. A number of these classes have additional spaces available after SDSU students have enrolled. Semester at SDSU allows international students to take advantage of these extra spaces.

  • 12 Undergraduate or 9 Graduate Units of SDSU Courses
    Through this study abroad program, students can enroll in 12 undergraduate or 9 graduate units of SDSU courses.

  • Official Transcript
    Credits earned are listed on an official SDSU transcript and may be transferable to other universities.

  • Advising
    Academic, immigration, and housing advisors are available.

Classes at SDSU
Students have many options for classes at SDSU during the study abroad. For course descriptions and class schedules, please visit Please be aware not all courses are offered every semester.

Please note that Global Campus cannot guarantee participation in specific university courses. Students enroll in classes on a space-available basis.

For more information on Semester at SDSU, please contact


Semester at SDSU General Courses and Semester at SDSU Business Courses

Number of weeks


Hours of instruction

Varies according to course enrollment. Minimum 12 units undergraduate or 9 units graduate


TOEFL 61, IELTS 5.5, or Duolinguo 90. Proof of English proficiency is required with application. For Duolingo, please have your test score sent to "San Diego State University - Global Campus". Other acceptable English proficiency can be found HERE.


Dates and Costs

See Semester at SDSU Calendar & Fees (All prices and dates are subject to change.)

An F-1 student in this program that has been enrolled for one academic year is eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT).


Semester at SDSU Certificate Programs
Semester at SDSU students may also earn Semester at SDSU Certificates in one of the following areas:

Semester at SDSU Current Students
Visit the Semester at SDSU Blog for the most up-to-date Semester at SDSU information.